Intel releases sixth-gen Core i7 and i5 processors designed for gaming rigs

Intel makes available the new Core i7 and Core i5 Skylake sixth-generation processors designed specifically for games and performance enthusiasts.

Intel Skylake sixth-gen processors

Intel has just announced two new processors part of the Skylake family. With Windows 10 is now rolling out to users around the world, Intel has rapidly followed up launching a couple new CPUs, including the Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K, which are part of the sixth-generation Core processor family.  

The new processors are specifically designed for gaming rigs and performance enthusiasts, both are quad-core processors clocked at 4GHz and 3.5GHz, respectively, and they both are 91W TDP (Thermal Design Power).


In addition, the Skylake family is a 14nm architecture that aims to increase power efficiency and improve battery file for mobile devices, the new Intel Core chips are designed to maximize power output.

The processors only work with the new Z170 chipset and new LGA1151 socket, which means that those wanting the upgrade will need to buy a new motherboard or buy a new PC with the new Skylake micro-architecture.

The Intel Core i7 chip has a price tag of $350, while the Core i5 costs $243. The pair of Skylake unlocked, overclocking-readying, processors won’t be the only ones part of the 6th-generation, Intel has also said that another processor for more portable devices will be available later this year. This means that we can look forward to see even more powerful and power efficient mobile gaming devices in the near future.

Source Intel via The Verge