Lenovo, Asus, and HP are the first to use ARM chips to build Windows 10 PCs

Always Connected PCs using ARM processors and Windows 10 are coming soon.

Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft has officially revealed which companies will be first in the market with Windows 10 PCs using ARM processors during Computex 2017. According to the company, Lenovo, Asus, and HP are among the first manufacturers to ship mobile devices running Windows 10 using Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 835 processor.

These new devices will be known as “Always Connected PCs,” and they’re meant to address two specific problems, including improved battery life and an always connected experience using integrated LTE technologies.

In addition, PCs running on ARM processors will feature the full version of Windows 10, which will also support traditional desktop (win32) apps using a new x86 emulator as well as native support for Windows Store apps.

Previously, Qualcomm mentioned that Windows 10 devices powered by ARM processors will be available before the end of 2017. However, now Microsoft is saying that we’ll see them within a year, and Qualcomm now only says soon.

During Computex 2017, Intel also unveiled a number of other “Always Connected PCs” from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, VIO, Xiaomi, and MSI, and it’s working closely with Microsoft to bring eSIM and LTE technologies to these new devices running Windows 10 using Intel’s XMMTM 7260 and 7360 modems.

Among the mobile operators that will support eSIM, include AT&T, BT/EE, DTAG/T Mobile, Orange, Tele2, Swisscom, Vodafone, 3, KDDI, Gemalto, Oberthur, Transatel, and Gigsky.

Source ZDnet