Lenovo’s handwriting software works anywhere on Windows

While Lenovo has announced many products during CES 2015, one was kept a secret, WRITEit. WRITEit is also known as WriteAnywhere, because the company hasn’t decided the name yet, and as Windows Central reports, is a piece of software developed by Lenovo that it allows users to use digital inking on any text box in Windows. It’s in its early stages, but it will be available later this year.

Even though, we can use a stylus pen to use handwriting today, it’s a very inconvenient solution. When you try to do handwriting a box will open using half of the screen, where you can type what you want. Then Windows converts the writing into text, which then puts it into the box.

WRITEit from Lenovo

WRITEit, on the other hand, lets you write on top of the text box and the software will automatically convert the handwriting into usable text that the computer can understand. With this new feature, you can use a stylus anywhere in the operating system and it’s not tied to a specific set of apps.

Windows Central had the chance to play with this software and for what they say, it feels like something Microsoft should have developed long time ago for Windows tablets or at least for the Surface Pro 3.

Source Windows Central