LG 27UK650-W 27-inch 4K HDR monitor
Excellent display for the money

Upgrade your PC with a LG 27UK650-W 27-inch 4K HDR monitor

In the market for a new monitor? The LG 27UK650-W 27-inch monitor gives you 4K resolution and HDR support for an affordable price.

The LG 27UK650-W 4K HDR monitor can be found for around $449 at Amazon, and it’s an excellent option for anyone in the market for a new monitor for a new computer build or for a secondary monitor for a desktop or laptop.

The 27-inch monitor from LG is among the most affordable monitors that includes 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) using an IPS LED display with HDR10 compatibility for better image quality while watching videos or playing games.

As for color representation, this monitor covers 99 percent of the sRGB spectrum, which makes it an ideal display for content creators, photographers, and anyone looking for accurate colors.

Although the LG 27UK650-W 4K monitor isn’t designed for demanding gamers, the 60hz refresh rate panel also supports AMD FreeSync for a fluid movement eliminating tearing and stuttering while playing games.

The monitor offers two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2 port. (If you’re planning to use this monitor with a DisplayPort, I’d recommend using the iVanky DisplayPort cable as it’s high quality cable that allows you to connect the monitor farther away, and it comes without latches, which reduces the chances of breaking the input and output ports.)

Also, it comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to easily adjust the height, and you can even rotate the screen 180 degrees to use it in portrait mode. If you want to use a mount stand, this LG monitor is also VESA mount compatible.

I’ve been using this monitor for several months as my main display, and for the price, it’s really a great buy. The 27-inch canvas allows me to view a lot of content and work with multiple apps at once, and the 4K resolution makes everything look crispy, and the HDR feature makes the video watching experience noticeable better.

You can get the LG 27UK650-W 4K HDR monitor at Amazon or Newegg.