LG’s Tab-Book 2 nails Windows 8.1 tablet plus keyboard combination

LG Tab-Book 2 Windows 8.1 tablet with slide keyboard

We’ve since many PC makers at CES trying to come up with the ultimate tablet that can replace your traditional desktop. Outside of CES we have Microsoft with the Surface Pro 2, it’s a great PC with a lot of power, but the attachable Type-Cover and kick-stand combination doesn’t provide the best experience to use the device in your lap. However LG may have the answer with the Tab-Book 2.

At CES 2014 LG not only was showing off the beautiful Ultrabook called “Ultra PC”, but the company also unveiled a new convertible tablet, the Tab-Book 2, which at first impression it could be the first “lapable” machine, as with the switch of a button slides out a really nice and firm keyboard — best of all, even with the integrated keyboard the tablet isn’t too thick.

The LG Tab-Book 2 11T740 has an 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 Full-HD IPS display and it features the latest Intel Haswell Core processor. It’s 16.7 mm thin and weighs only 2.31 pounds. There is still no official information on memory or size of local storage.

LG is also unveiling the Tab-Book 2 sibling, the 11T540, which is the same size as the 11T740 and has the same display, but it features an Atom processor, which make the device thinner, only 13.7 mm, reduces the weight to 2.05 pounds.

The company still isn’t sharing pricing or availability information for this Windows 8.1 tablet. But hopefully it’ll be available later this year.

Source WPCentral