Manage all your passwords using LastPass extension for Chrome

Many of you would agree that managing a lot of passwords can be a nightmare and using the same password for every online account can be problematic, but letting a company to manage them all for us, you could think that is the same risk, right? Well think again. Today we are going to talk about the Chrome extension from LastPass which is an online password manager and form filler that it is easy to use, pretty secure and you only are going to need to remember one master password.

LastPass is not an ordinary password manager tool, one of the cool feature is that all your sensitive data is encrypted locally in your computer before it is transmitted to your account, so you know that is pretty secure; additionally if you are using other password manager software like: 1Password, Password Safe, RoboForm, KeePass, Sxipper, MyPasswordSafe, Passpack, TurboPasswords, Internet Explorer and Firefox’s built-in password manager,  you also have the ability to import all your passwords and as well as export them, and many other features.

LastPass for Chrome

LastPass is also cross platform and it is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), and Safari. And in Opera, Opera Mini via Bookmarklets.

In conclusion LastPass for Google Chrome is a must have extension and there is not reason why you shouldn’t be using it, plain and simple.

If you would like to learn how to use LastPass watch this YouTube video


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