Microsoft offers 50 percent discount on its Office suite to non-genuine users

If you have an unlicensed version of Office, you can now go legit with a 50 percent discount.

Microsoft 365 non-genuine offer
  • Microsoft is now offering a 50 percent discount on its Office apps.
  • The offer is available for users using a non-genuine version of Office.
  • The discount applies to the Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscriptions for the first year.

In another tactic to lure more people into subscribing to the Microsoft 365 service, Microsoft is popping up a message (via Ghacks) in the Office ribbon bar for non-genuine versions of the suite of apps offering a 50 percent discount to upgrade to the genuine version of Office available through the Microsoft 365 subscription.

The message reads, “Get up to 50% off. For a limited time, get up to 50% on genuine Microsoft 365 subscriptions,” and the landing page claims that “Pirated software exposes your PC to security threats,” and explains that it could expose the device to virus and malware attacks, data corruption and file loss, and inability to receive critical updates or edit files.

The unusual promotional offer will get you the Microsoft 365 Family subscription from $99.99 to $49.99 for the first year, or the Microsoft 365 Personal plan from $69.99 to $34.99.

Non-genuine banner
Non-genuine banner (Source: Ghacks)

Microsoft isn’t strange to get users using an unlicensed piece of software, but the half-price discount is unusual and tempting for non-genuine users. However, the deal is only available for the subscription-based model since Office 2021 (one-time purchase) is still $149.99 for the Office Home & Student 2021 edition and $249.9 for the Office Home & Business 2021 edition.