Microsoft’s Android Wear keyboard lets you draw text instead of shouting them (video)

The new Microsoft isn’t restricted to the Windows platform, we know this well by now, as the company is expanding its services across different platforms, even for smartwatch. Recently the company made available the first OneNote app for Google’s smartwatch, today Android Wear is getting a new keyboard.

The Analog Keyboard for Android Wear is a prototype of a custom keyboard that allows users to draw text using handwriting on the 320 x 320 smartwatch display. The software still in its early stages and Microsoft notes that it only works on square screens and in the Moto 360.

The concept is pretty obvious, although speech recognition has advanced, it’s still far from perfect, and at times it could be better typing than shouting something you may not be comfortable saying a loud.

Analog Keyboard for Android Wear is available for download now (use the source link below), but you cannot download from Google Play, as such you need to carefully follow installation instructions.

Source Microsoft