The Microsoft Band teardown: A look inside the fitness band (video)

The Microsoft Band has been on the market for several weeks now and during that time, we’ve seen and learn many things about the fitness wristband. What we haven’t seen yet is how the device looks from the inside. The guys from SparkFun, got their hands and teared down the Microsoft Band to show us what’s inside, on what it seems an “involved process”.

The teardown shows us that Microsoft opted to mold the band with some sort of rubberized cover. There are only a few screws to access the two LiPo batteries and to remove the clasp. Pretty much the only parts you can unscrew and take apart are the battery covers, everything else has to be sliced, drilled, and hammered to open.

Inside the band you can identify various of the components including: CPU (MK24 FN1M0V12) Freescale Kinetis K24 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4, RAM (CY62167EV18LL-55BVXI) Cypress 2 MB SRAM, storage (MX66U51235FXDi) Macronix 64 MB nonvolatile flash memory, and Bluetooth (3002-BL3D) Atheros Bluetooth 4.0.


Of course, after teardown the Microsoft Band there was no way to put it back together, as such the repairability score is down to 0 out of 10.

For the complete Microsoft Band teardown, visit the SparkFun website.