Microsoft blocks Google as default search in new Lumia Windows Phones

Internet Explorer for Windows Phone

On a new shift, Microsoft decides to disable the option that allowed customers to change the default search engine on the new Lumia Windows Phones. Before, consumers were able to change the default search engine to Google, Bing, and others, preference that Internet Explorer uses to offer results by just typing in the a keyword or key phrase in the address bar.

Now Bing is the default search engine on Nokia’s headset, blocking Google and other to be part of the experience. However current Lumia Windows Phones even after updating to Windows Phone 8.1 still have Google as the default — if that’s was your option –.

If you still on an older Lumia headset and you didn’t know, you can move to Google’s search engine by opening up Internet Explorer and navigating to “advanced settings”.

Although, Bing is great search engine, many will still prefer Google or other search engines, and like many customers have pointed out, Bing still in early stage from being great on international markets. If you still want to use Google, you can always download the official Google search app from the Windows Phone Store. Even though, using the address bar within the browser is more convenient.

Do you think this will benefit Microsoft or push customers to other platforms?