Microsoft’s Clip Layer app enhances copy and share on Android

A lot of apps on Android allow you to easily copy text, share articles, photos, and more, but not every app does a good job. This is when Clip Layer comes in handy.

Clip Layer is an Android app created by Microsoft Garage to help overcome the lack of copy and sharing usability on your phone. The app accomplishes this by applying an overlay on the screen and making super easy to snip information to the clipboard and paste it on another app or share it using social media, email, and you even get option to create a task using Wunderlist.

How to use Clip Layer app

Microsoft’s Clip Layer is quick and easy to get started, just do the following:

  1. Install Clip Layer from Google Play Store.

  2. Launch the app and use the on-screen instructions to make Clip Layer the default app to assist you using the long-press Home button.

  3. On any article, photo, or document, long-press the Home button to bring up Clip Layer.

  4. The app will highlight the content to copy, so you don’t have to manually select anything. Tap the block of content to copy.

    Copy and Share with Clip Layer app on Android

  5. Using the options at the bottom, select Copy to copy content to clipboard, Task to create a task using Wunderlist, or Email or Share to send the clipboard content with someone else.

It’s that simple. At any time, you can review what you copied by tapping the “T” button on the top-right corner when using the app.

The only caveat with Clip Layer is that once installed on your Android app, it takes over the long-press on the Home button, which is the action you would usually use to launch Google Assistant. However, remember that you can always launch Clip Layer > tap the top-right menu button > Assist Settings > Assist App and change settings back to Google App.

What do you think about Microsoft’s Clip Layer? Tell us in the comments below.