Microsoft introduces the Designer Bluetooth Desktop (keyboard & mouse set)

Microsoft a new beautiful keyboard and mouse for $99.95.

Microsoft Designer Desktop (2015)

Microsoft loves to create keyboards and mice, and this week the company is announcing the new Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop set, which includes a new ultra-thin and modern keyboard and very slim mouse.

The keyboard, in particular, is very sleek and has a small profile. It’s also full-sized chiclet-style soft touch keys keyboard featuring a number pad, which is a little rare for compact designs. You’ll also find a full row of functions keys to control playback and audio, plus the ability to adjust the screen brightness.

Microsoft Designer Keyboard

The mouse included in the set is compact and small with BlueTrack Technology to provide the best tracking on virtually any surface (e.g., glass, granite, etc.).

Microsoft Designer Mouse

The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse connects to any PC, laptop, or tablet using low-power Bluetooth 4.0, and the company claims up to six months of battery life for the mouse using a single battery.

This is a Bluetooth set and it carries the word “Designer” on the name, because of all the attention to details. For example, the battery door uses magnets to close that glide gently into place. And there has been a lot of attention on every space and depth of each key on the keyboard to make typing feel just right.

The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop will go on sale on May 2015 for a suggested price of $99.95 at Microsoft Store and other retailers. You can pre-order new keyboard and mouse set here, and you can also purchase the mouse here.