Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android
Out of beta

Microsoft Edge officially available on Android and iOS

The Microsoft Edge app for Android and iOS is no longer in beta, anyone can download it now.

Microsoft says that its Edge browser is ready for the masses for Android and iOS users. Last October, the software giant unveiled a preview of Microsoft Edge running on Android and iOS devices, but testers needed to sign-up to get an early access to the new mobile app. Today, it’s generally available on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store.

One of the main reasons the company is bringing this experience to non-Windows devices is to improve its new continuity feature that is part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The new feature allows you to start reading an article on your phone and continue reading on your PC, or save it to read it later.

In addition, the Edge browser includes access to favorites, history, reading list, and ebooks. Unfortunately, tab syncing still missing in mobile version, which means that it’s impossible to share tabs or even history between your phone and PC. However, it’s expected that Microsoft will bring tab syncing and support for iPad in future updates.

Remember that you’re not getting the full-blown version of Microsoft Edge. On mobile devices, the browser won’t be using Microsoft EdgeHTML rendering engine. Instead, the iOS version will be using Apple’s Webkit, and the Android version will be using Chromium Blink engine to load webpages.