Firefox inspired

Microsoft Edge gets new modern wave logo ditching IE style

Microsoft unofficially reveals new Edge logo that ditches the Internet Explorer style in favor of wave that looks like an "e."

Microsoft Edge logo (source Microsoft)

Microsoft will be soon replacing its Edge browser with a new version based on the Chromium engine, and with it, the company is also introducing new modern logo that moves away from the Internet Explorer style. The new logo showed up in easter egg surfing game posted in Reddit by the Edge team (via The Verge) hidden available in the latest Canary build of Microsoft Edge.

The new logo seems to have been created using the same Fluent Design language that Microsoft has been using for Office and other icons across different services, and it resembles a wave that spells the letter “e” using blue and green colors. (The new logo kind of reminds you of the Firefox logo.)

At the time of this writing, the logo isn’t available in the browser yet, but now that it’s been discovered, it’s just a matter of time until the company officially makes the announcement and share more details about the change.