Microsoft’s Invite app makes scheduling meetings a simple task

Microsoft Garage has a new app to simplify the way you set up group meetings.

Microsoft's Invite app

Microsoft Garage creates Invite, a new app designed to do one thing, let you set up events and group meetings within or outside your organization. Getting started with Invite is as easy as signing in with your email address, then the app will let you create a new event, invite other people from your contact list, and suggest a time that the group can vote.

After the time is set, the event will automatically show up on everyone’s calendar. Microsoft’s Invite strives to set up meetings very easily with people with an organization, between organizations, and among friends, as no one can have access to anyone’s calendar.

The Invite app is currently available for iOS devices in the United States and Canada, but Microsoft says that it will soon be available for Windows phones and Android devices. The app works best on Office 365 Business and school subscriptions, but the company says that it also works with regular email accounts from popular services, including:, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

This is yet another app that shows the software giant commitment to build software across platforms, and further expands its portfolio of mobile apps. As you know, Microsoft is bringing many of its applications and services to other platforms, such as the case of Office for iOS and Android, OneDrive, OneNote, and a number of other products.

Microsoft is also able to bring these and other products thanks to recent acquisitions that are helping the company presences in the mobile space, such as the purchase of the Sunrise calendar app, Acompli email client app, Wunderlist to-do list, among others.

Invite was created by the company’s group called Microsoft Garage, which is a group of smart people with the purpose of exploring and inventing new ways to help people resolving problems and tackle tasks more easily.

Source Office Blog