Microsoft joins Windows 10 and hardware teams

Microsoft's Surface chief, Panos Panay, is now leading the Windows 10 client and hardware groups.

Panos Panay Surface and Windows 10 event (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft is merging its Windows Experience and Devices teams into one team known as “Windows and Devices,” and it’ll be under the leadership of current Chief Product Officer Panos Panay.

According to a new report from ZDNet, unnamed source familiar to the plan has confirmed that the new reorganization change will take effect on February 25, and it’ll help to streamline the decision process across both hardware and software products, including Surface and dual-screen devices, client version of Windows 10, apps, and services.

Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, is the current head of the Windows Experience team, but with this new change, Belfiore will take a new role as the leader of the Office Experience Group (OXO) along with Ales Holecek.

In addition, Joe Belfiore will continue to direct the Essential Products Inclusive Community (EPIC), which includes Microsoft apps for Android and iOS, and Microsoft News.