Microsoft shows off its largest Surface tablet yet in London

Giant Surface 2 in London 2013

Nothing calls more for attention than a 383-inch Surface 2 tablet with a giant Touch Cover 2 keyboard in the middle of Trafalgar Square plaza in London (which makes it the least portable tablet ever).

The giant 27ft-by-17ft tablet that actually projects the screen of a Surface 2 running Windows RT 8.1 was built in a half day. Everything is controlled by USB and HDMI and if you happen to be near Trafalgar Square, you can even interact with super-size Touch Cover 2.



Of course, this didn’t happen out of the blue, Microsoft is using the structure as a marketing campaign to celebrate and promote the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 in London. Moreover, the company is also bringing British rapper Dizzee Rascal to rap alongside the no so comfortable to use tablet replica.

Update: I just found the video in the Windows UK YouTube channel of how Microsoft built the giant Surface in London.

Update: This is the second video published by WindowsUKVideos.

Source The Verge