Microsoft offers 12-month Xbox Music Pass for $31.41 on Pi Day

xbox-music-expands to Android, iOS, and free web streaming

On March 14, is “Pi Day” and to celebrate the occasion Microsoft will be selling a 12-month subscription of its Xbox Music Pass, which usually sells goes for something close to $100, for only $31.14.

For those out of the equation, Pi Day is the annual celebration that corresponds to the mathematical constant “pi” (3.14) and it’s celebrated every March 14, because of 3/14, which are the first digits of “pi”.

The promotion Microsoft is offering is one offer you can’t pass if you’re a music lover, an Xbox Music Pass will give you unlimited music streaming on millions song to any device where Xbox Music is available (web, Xbox console, and PC). You can also download music and listen offline, everything ads free.

If you already have a subscription, you can still get the offer and 12 more months will be added to your account.

Microsoft is also setting “special Pi Day-themed Digital Gift Cards” that you can send to a friend or family. There is no specifics for how long the promotional discount will be good for, as such tomorrow (3/14) will be a great day to get a pass.


Via Neowin