Microsoft built an Outlook watch face for Android Wear

You can use the watch face for Outlook on Android Wear to get rich interaction with emails and daily calendar.

Microsoft Outlook watch face for Android Wear

Microsoft releases its version of Android Wear for its mobile Outlook app. The new Outlook watch face for Android connects to your phone giving you quick access to schedules and other email and calendar details.

Other features include easily viewing of your daily events, inbox notifications, reminders, and easy interaction with messages arriving to your Android phone.

Unlike the version of Outlook for the Apple Watch, because it’s a watch face and not just an app, Outlook can take center participation on the screen at all times delivering a lot of information on a really tiny screen.

When you don’t have any appointments, Outlook watch face will surface the most recent emails.

Outlook watch face emails

If you tap a new event, the appointment information will appear, and as always you can scroll to view more details, and keeping scrolling will move to your next appointment.

Outlook watch face calendar event

Similar to the app for Android, you can open an email and use gestures to archive, schedule, flag, and delete message. If the email happens to include an event invitation, you can quickly RSVP in a snap.

When you need to reply to a message, Outlook watch face for Android will provide a list of preset responses, and there is also support for voice dictation — all without using your phone.

Colors on the dial match the color of the calendars you have configured with the Outlook app in your phone. You can also personalize your face watch background with a number of colors to match your style.

Outlook watch face for Android backgrounds

Source Office Blog