Microsoft letting partners download Windows Threshold builds

Windows Threshold logo

At the end of September we are expecting Microsoft to release a public technology preview of Windows Threshold for developers and tech enthusiasts. However today Neowin reports that it has been confirmed that a list of top Microsoft partners may be getting access to download the early Threshold bits as we speak.

Although there is always a chance, the report also notes that Microsoft is putting in place several security features to discourage partners from disclosing information about what’s in the early builds of the expected to be called Windows 9 that releases in April 2015. So don’t get too excited about seeing an ISO file leak anytime soon.

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It’s not surprising that the company is letting a hand-picked number of partners to get access to early builds of the operating system, as they have to keep building devices and apps around it.

Among a big number of features expected in Windows 9, Microsoft will also include a new Start menu, windowed apps in the desktop, virtual desktops, Cortana, and it’s also removing the Charms bar. Microsoft is quickly moving toward a new release of its operating system distance itself from the bad vibe of Windows 8, which many find a very confusing piece of software.