Microsoft releases OneNote app for Android Wear

OneNote app for Android Wear

Microsoft is committed to a “cloud first, mobile first” world, we’ve seen this with many of the company’s services available in multiple platforms. And today the software enters into the smartwatch market with the release of the first version of OneNote app for Android Wear watches. The app is very simple, once you install it in your smart watch, simply say “Ok Google, take a note” and app will be ready to capture anything you have to say.

Although there are better ways to take notes, Microsoft wants to make sure its present gets notice, in particular with OneNote, which is a service that doesn’t seem to have any boundary.

The OneNote app for Android Wear is available immediately from Google Play.

Android Wear OneNote app

In other related news. Later today Microsoft will release an OneNote update for Apple’s iOS devices that further integrates the note-taking service with Apple products.

The OneNote update for iOS 8 brings a new share extension to allow users to clip content from the web, save photos and send attachments to OneNote without moving away from the app.

For those using OneNote for Windows Phone, you’re also getting an update, according to the company, the new update improves Office Lens to convert whiteboard notes and paper documents into Word and PowerPoint documents.

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