Microsoft Research introduces SurroundWeb pushing interactive web content onto walls

Microsoft Research team showed off a new immersive technology called SurroundWeb, which takes the same concept already seen from previous IllumiRoom project, but it projects web content onto the walls and tables instead of just making video games more immersive.

If you remember not too long ago, Microsoft revealed a futuristic game console experience called IllumiRoom, which projected parts of the game outside the TV and onto the walls, giving users a sense of a more immersive gaming experience. Today the research team at Microsoft is demoing SurroundWeb, which is basically the same thing, but this new project uses a combination of projectors, mobile devices, and depth cameras to allow web content to be displayed on the wall and tables in a new immersive and interactive way. 

The video demo shows a few examples of how users can use this new technology. For example, if the user is playing a razing game, he or she could add razing stats onto the wall, chat with friends on the right side of the wall, and watch live preview of related TV content on left side of the wall. 

Of course that SurroundWeb isn’t limited to the TV set, this new concept could also be used around house. For example, in the kitchen, users could get a food recipe list displayed on the counter-top, and view which ingredients are necessary to complete a specific dish. 

As for security, Microsoft emphasizes that the user’s privacy is a priority within the project and claims that SurroundWeb will not send any information to the internet. 

Really an interesting concept, but IllumiRoom never made it to the market, so it’s likely that SurroundWeb will also be kept under locking key until perhaps the world is ready.

Source Microsoft Search