Microsoft rolling Skype for Web (beta), now you can call from any browser

Skype logo 780 wide

Microsoft is announcing a version of Skype that runs on your modern web browser, it’s called Skype for Web, and it allows you to place video and audio calls, or start instant messaging with any of your contacts from any Windows PC or Mac.

Skype for Web is in beta and Microsoft is just rolling it out to a select group of users with invite only. The new Skype client isn’t meant on any way as a replacement for any of the Skype apps, instead the company is aiming to help users when they need to make a quick call from a hotel or Internet Café computer.

Skype for Web beta

The future of Skype for Web is run the VoIP service without having to install any piece of software, but for now it only works by installing a small plugin on Internet Explorer 10 or later, latest version of Chrome and Firefox, and Mac users need the latest version of Safari.

How to use Skype for Web? Easy. For now you need an invite, but later you’ll simply need to go to, sign-in with your credentials, and then connect with people in your contact list.

Microsoft is rolling out the new experience gradually and it will reach worldwide in the coming months.

Source Microsoft