Microsoft brings support for OneDrive and PowerPoint to Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Microsoft isn’t wasting any time to bring its software and services to the Apple Watch. The software giant is rolling out a new update for OneDrive that includes support for the new Apple’s smartwatch. The new update allows Apple Watch owners to view photos, albums, delete, and find photos on the wearable. Simply adding support for viewing photos may not be a killer feature, but it shows the company is quickly supporting the new device.

Alongside the OneDrive update, Microsoft is also updating PowerPoint for iPhone to allow Apple Watch owners control presentations using the wearable. The new update will let users navigate slides and see elapsed time or the remaining amount of slides in the presentation.

The new functionality will only be available to control PowerPoint presentations on the iPhone. However, the company offers similar functionality with Office Remote for Windows Phone and Android to control presentations on a PC.

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