The countdown begins! 31 days until Microsoft Surface goes on sale [Video]

Are you ready? Mark 10/26/1012 on your calendar, because that’s the day when Microsoft Surface goes one sale — that’s a Friday — and it coincide with the release of Windows 8 to the public.

Microsoft plans to release two Surface models on different dates. On October 26th the software giant will be launching the tablet running Windows RT on ARM’s chipset. The device will come with Office 2013 pre-installed and you’ll also be able to install Windows Store apps (Metro style), while the second model powered by Intel’s 3rd generation 22nm Ivy Bridge processor, running Windows 8 Pro will be available about three months later. This model will also come with Office 2013 and you’ll be able to install traditional desktop and Windows Store apps. Ultimately the choice is yours!

We all know that Surface isn’t out yet, but I am a fan of this amazing device already and it is not just me, check out this nice new video teaser made by another fan (Toran Lacy) in an effort to keep up the excitement going.

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Source Vimeo