Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) event
Launch event

Watch the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) launch China event

In case you missed it, here you can watch Microsoft's full demo of the new Surface Pro (2017) during the China event.

On May 23, 2017, during the China event, Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro with a name that moving forward doesn’t include a version number and updated hardware.

Unfortunately, this time around, the company didn’t offer a stream to watch the press event. They promised a live blog, but it never actually happened due to technical difficulties in the venue.

However, now the software giant is offering a recording of the event showing the full demo of the new Surface Pro presented by the Vice President of Devices at Microsoft, Panos Panay.

In the video, Panos Panay, makes a full demonstration of the new device and reveals that this new version incorporates more than eight-hundred hardware changes. Additionally, he shows off the new Surface Pen, Type Cover, and a lot more.

If you missed the event, you can watch this video that highlight all the details about the new Surface Pro (2017). You can also check more details, such as full hardware specs, pricing, and availability here.