A look to Microsoft Surface Ultrabook concept design

It’s not a secret that Microsoft wants to get into the device market, thus far we’ve seen two attempts: the ARM-based Surface RT and the upcoming Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet that will launch on February 9th. Also the Microsoft recent possible investment on DELL, all that clearly shows that the company is trying to swim in new waters.

But how about if the software giant decided to create its own Ultrabook too? This is not an invalid question knowing that we already heard rumors about a Surface smartphone, although the company dismissed such a claim. But if the company was thinking on building its own Ultrabook, can you imagine how it would look like? Designer Clément Puertolas thinks that he knows that answer, when he unveiled his own “Surface Ultrabook” concept. The design demonstrates a Windows 8 touch-enabled device that is beautiful, light, and slimmer than Apple’s MacBook Air; and it looks a bit to the DELL XPS 13 and ASUS Taichi.


Although we are seeing more laptops with multi-touch displays than ever before, Clément believes that they aren’t user-friendly and some of them are very thick. His concept design seems very sleek, lightweight and elegant, however I still think that we are far from seeing Microsoft getting into the Ultrabook market. What do you think?

Source and images Behance