Dear Microsoft, I want this user interface for Windows 10 (concept)

This is how I want Windows 10 to look like.

Windows 10 Explorer concept

After the bad episode of Windows 8, Microsoft is taking a different approach with Windows 10 and it’s building the operating system based on user feedback through the Windows Insider program, and not just on what the company thinks is right. Millions of people have joined the cause to build a better Windows and what we’ve seen so far, we can confidently say that this could be the best version of the operating system yet.

However, one of the aspects of Windows 10 that remains mostly unchanged is the desktop user interface, which still looks pretty much like the user interface introduced in Windows XP.

Yes, there are a bunch of changes, but they seem rather cosmetic, of course Microsoft is doing it, because of the fear users will find it confusing to use if things change too much. The company already learned that lesson with Windows 8, when introduced the Start screen and removed the Start button.

Now, this is not stopping fellow Windows 10 fan from showing Microsoft, what they think the Windows 10 user interface should look like, and here is a Windows Explorer concept that is getting a lot of attention.

The images that you see today have been shared to the Windows Feature Suggestions on, a Microsoft’s website dedicated to users to share feedbacks of products with the company.

The concept image of the Windows Explorer for Windows 10 looks very sleek. It is a new interface that follows the modern design and it is elegant. Although, I can already hear many people thinking that this new interface looks a little like Chrome OS.

Thus far, the Windows Feature Suggestion submission has over 10,846 votes, which is a very impressive number.

If you like Windows 10 to look like this concept image, make your voice heard and vote. If you have any other ideas, share it, and again make your voice heard.

Do you like the Windows Explorer concept for Windows 10?

Source DeviantArt via Neowin