Watch This: How Microsoft visions the future in 5-10 years

Every now and then Microsoft releases its own vision of how the future technology might look like. In 2013 the company is showcasing a new video that emphasizes on how we’ll work and interact with new technology in the next 5-10 years. In the clip, Microsoft points out that software will not longer be limited to one screen, allowing applications to interact with all display sizes and devices, more easily and more integrated.

In the next 5-10 years the digital and physical will come together.

The software giant also showed a Surface tablet that wirelessly connects to another device, moving the current work to a larger display with a simple gesture.

Speech and touch will also play a bigger role on how we will interact with computers in the future. But the video doesn’t show devices talking back just yet, like Apple’s Siri.

The video is part of a the new Envisioning Center at Microsoft, division that the company has created to test fresh ideas and new concept technologies. 

Like previous Microsoft’s vision of the future videos, this one is also worth watching.

Source Next At Microsoft