Microsoft working on a set-top box to compete with Roku and Apple TV

Microsoft set-top box

We already heard that Microsoft may be considering building a set-top box specifically target as a consumption device. But now The Wall Street Journal is writing that the rumor might just be true, as there are already a number of prototypes circulating in Redmond headquarters for an affordable streaming media device (video and music), and some of them with Kinect support. Yes, the current Xbox is capable of the same functionality, however since the device is primarily used as a game console the hardware is more expensive.

Although The Wall Street Journal’s unnamed source is spicing the rumor, there is not more information to what is already out there on the web, and Microsoft has yet to reveal any details about the possible Boxee, Roku, and the Apple TV competitor.

Without a doubt if Microsoft were to launch its own set-top box, it will allow to further gain market on the living room with a lower price, considering the already success of Xbox 360.

The news emerges just less than two weeks before the software giant will officially announce the next-gen Xbox, codenamed Durango (a.k.a Xbox 720) at the company’s HQ in Washington on May 21st. But as with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt as WSJ has also added that it is “uncertain” if this streaming device will ever see the light.

Source The Wall Street Journal via Engadget