Microsoft now offers official Xbox One support on Reddit

Xbox One owners now can get official support on Reddit.

Xbox Phil Spencer

Microsoft now has an official subreddit, which the company will use to offer official Xbox One support. For those unfamiliar, Reddit is one of the biggest social news aggregator on the internet with a community of millions of people around the world. If there is a topic, chances are there is a subreddit with content.

Xbox One has a subreddit, but up until now Microsoft didn’t offer support via Reddit, but today things are changing as Microsoft has announced that it will provide official support for its video game console.

It makes sense that the company is taking this initiative, as the subreddit (Xbox_Support) has surpassed the 111,000 subscribers and more users engage every day. So instead of making users spend more time of getting support on other official channels, Microsoft is bringing the support to them.

If you’re part of the Reddit community, you can visit the Xbox One subreddit here for more information. If you’re not, you should check the website anyway and become a member. If you don’t feel like joining, you can always use Twitter and the official support website.

Source Reddit via Neowin