Microsoft brings its MSN apps to iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire OS

MSN apps now on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire OS

Microsoft is changing course since Ballmer’s departure; back in September the company rebranded its Windows and Windows Phone Bing apps to MSN apps and promise that in the coming months they will be arriving to iOS and Android. And beginning today, December 11, Microsoft is delivering on that promise, now MSN News, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Sports, and Weather are available on iOS, Android, and on Amazon Fire OS devices too. (However, the Weather app for iOS will be available in the coming months.)

All the apps formerly known as Bing apps have been available exclusively for Windows and Windows Phone, but Microsoft is bringing the apps to its rival mobile platform as part of the ongoing productivity and platforms focus.

MSN apps are now everywhere, on the web, Windows, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android handsets and tablets, and even on your brand new Amazon Fire Phone and Amazon Kindle Fire, to access the new MSN portal that Microsoft has built from the ground-up back in September.

Best of all about the apps if that they all connect with your Microsoft account, which means what whatever your customization and interests are, you can be sure that those settings will follow you everywhere.

In addition, the company has built new versions for each of the apps for every platform and in some cases Microsoft created new features specific for the platform. Case and point is the MSN Health & Fitness app for iOS, which allows iPhone users to utilize the step counter to track daily activity and sync the data to Apple’s HealthKit.

The apps are available for download starting immediately from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, and the Windows and Windows Phone Store. The easiest way to download the apps for your platform is by visiting this MSN page, click or tap on the app and select your platform.

Source Microsoft