Microsoft’s Music app for Windows 10 to include a new dark theme, UI changes

The universal Music app for Windows 10 will soon get a new look, similar to the Spotify player.

Music app for Windows 10

The Music app for Windows 10 is apparently getting a fresh new look. In recent previews of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced new updates for its music and videos apps, but now it seems that more significant changes are coming in future updates. According to a screenshot found on the Microsoft’s support site reveals that among other changes, the Music app is getting a dark theme.

Although, the current public version of the new Music app for Windows 10 doesn’t include a major overhaul over the existing app for Windows 8, the new update that Microsoft is preparing reveals some meaningful changes on the UI, such as new “Artists” page with a “Recents” and “Playlists for you” lists, and circular artist image profiles.

Windows 10 Music app with dark theme
Unreleased version of the Music app for Windows 10.

However, the experience still remains the same as the new dark theme doesn’t alter what we have been seeing in the app the software maker has released as a preview for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Music app with white theme
Music app for Windows 10 with white color scheme.

It’s interesting that even though Microsoft has dropped the “Xbox” wording in the app to simply “Music” in Windows 10, the app seems to follow the same design experience we continue to see in the new Xbox app.

While it’s still unclear what will be the default color theme Microsoft will be shipping with Windows 10, the company continues to test the dark and white themes, which probably will be among the primary colors that the operating system will offer at launch.

Source Microsoft via The Verge