My Chrome Theme: Design your own Google Chrome theme in no time [Extension]

My Chrome Theme - Google Chrome Extension

My Chrome Theme is a new extension designed by Google for its web browser. It is really simple to use, you can design and add your personal touch to a new theme in three simple steps:

You might have stopped by the Chrome Web Store and browsed through some great Chrome themes, but don’t you find yourself always wanting something more specific and more personally unique? My Chrome Theme is what you’ve been looking for then. This is the least complicated utility to create and have your unique design, with your own colors and images in Google Chrome web browser.

1. Going through the first step, you will upload a background image for the “new tab” or you can even use the webcam.

2. In the second step, you will choose the colors for the omnibox, tabs, and other parts of the web browser.

3. Finally, you will name your newly created theme and you can either install it, or you can also share it with the rest of the world with a unique URL that will be generated for you.

Seems like Google is turning to its users to create new themes for Chrome, because there are not too many themes in the Chrome Web Store to choose from and if you noticed, Google included the ability to share your theme with others — maybe this is the way to go to add more variety. Anyways, it’s still a great utility.

Just remember that this being a simple tool, it will only allow you to edit simple pieces of Google Chrome web browser. Now you know, if you are looking to tweak the appearance of Google Chrome, but you want to do it quick and in a sleek way, My Chrome Theme is the extension you need.

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