Opera 11.10 Beta, codename Barracuda released with many improvements

Today Opera 11.10 Beta, codename Barracuda has been released and this latest build come with many improvements. For starters Barracuda is a much faster browser, there are also great new changes at the core of Opera 11.10 with an improved Presto 2.8 rendering engine, support for CSS3’s multi-culumn layouts and gradients, Google’s WebP image protocol, Web Open Font Format (WOFF), and a better mail client.

Now there is an enhanced Speed Dial, feature that makes better and faster access to your favorite Web pages. The number of Speed Dials has been ramped up to unlimited. Additionally now there are more custimization options, e.g., new layouts, better zoom slider giving you a 5-columns layout, and click the plus button to add new Websites or choose from suggestions.

Plug-ins made easy, now every time you land in a Web page that requires Adobe Flash Player, Opera is able to automatically download and install the what is needed in a really simple process that does not interrupt the user, this is true for Adobe Flash and other popular plug-ins.

Here is also a video that will give you a glimpse of the new Speed Dial.

Useful Links

Opera 11.10 Beta is available right now for Windows, Mac and Linux and you can download it from the link below.

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