Origin Omni is the best all-in-one 34-inch curved Windows 10 gaming PC

Origin PC, Miami-based custom computer manufacturer, introduces at CES 2016, the Omni 34-inch curved all-in-one Windows 10 gaming PC with support for Nvidia’s GeForce Titan X.

Origin Omni All-in-One gaming PC

Origin PC is changing the way we use all-in-one devices by introducing in CES 2016 the Omni, the most powerful customizable all-in-one gaming machine running Windows 10. The Origin Omni features a Samsung curved 34-inch (3440 x1440 QHD) display and includes one of the most powerful video cards in the market today.

One of the first things you will notice about the Origin Omni is that it’s bulkier than traditional all-in-one PCs, but there is a good reason. Inside the Omni, you will find a standard Mini ITX motherboard, which means that in a few years when you want to upgrade the processor, you will be able to replace it as you would with any regular PC. The best part, this gaming rig is liquid cooled that will not make a lot of noise when playing graphic-intensive games.

Origin’s Omni is very customizable, you can get the all-in-one with a standard size Nvidia 12GB GeForce Titan X video card, Intel’s Haswell-E 8-core Core i7-5960X or the latest Skylake processor, up to 32GB of memory, and it can fit up to two Solid-State Drive for storage.

Origin PC's Omni internals

There is even a nifty USB port on the top-center of the device, which can hold your webcam. Although, it makes the look a little odd, it’s actually a good idea, as you can later on connect an Intel RealSense camera to enable Windows Hello to sign into your computer without a password in Windows 10.

Origin Omni Samsung curved display

Furthermore, the Origin Omni comes with an HDMI input, as such you can connect your laptop or desktop and use the all-in-one as a regular monitor.

The Origin Omni all-in-one gaming PC doesn’t have a specific release date, but it’s likely to be available in the first quarter of 2016. Pricing will vary depending on the configuration you select, but it will start at $1,999.

For more information, you can visit Origin PC website.