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Pandora app for Xbox One adds background music support

Pandora adds support for background music on the latest update for Xbox One.

Pandora for Xbox One with Background Music support update

Pandora releases an update for its app for Xbox One to enable background music support. Starting with the Anniversary Update, Xbox One brings a lot of new features and changes, including the most requested feature, background music.

The new feature lets you listen to your own music collection in the background while you play games. Up until now, the feature was only limited to the Groove Music app, but now Pandora is yet another app getting support for background music on Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra was the first to announce in Twitter that the Pandora app on Xbox One has been update to bring the support.

The app is officially available immediately, but it may take a while to propagate, which means that you install the right version. If you don’t want to go through the trouble, then it’s recommended to wait a couple days to download the app.

In addition, you can check my previous guide with all the details to play music on background while playing Xbox One games.

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