Sony’s PlayStation 4 slim images leaked onto the web

These leaked images give us a first look at Sony's slim PlayStation 4 game console design.

Sony PS4 Slim

This is the new slim PlayStation 4 console. Just weeks after Microsoft launching the slim Xbox One S, pictures of Sony’s updated version of the popular game console showed up in an online auction.

The Verge was able to snag some pictures of Sony’s PlayStation 4 slim, and they show some of the changes gamers will be getting on September 7th — when the console hits the stores.

The pictures reveal a console that is significantly slimmer with rounded corners. In addition, the new PS4 features a matte finish, and the packaging suggests this is the 500GB model for the European market.

A user at the NeoGAF forums has also provided a number of pictures comparing the original and the new PS4 slim.

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The new console is known with the Neo codename, and Sony will be launching the new PS4 on September 7th. It’s worth pointing out that it’s unclear whether the console in these leaked pictures are from the 4K PlayStation 4 version, or just a slim version of the console.