Razer shows off ‘Christine’, a unique modular desktop Windows PC concept (video)

Razer is a very popular gaming PC maker, all thanks to its innovative, unique PC designs, and always packed with high-end hardware. And this year at CES 2014 Razer is unveiling “Project Christine”, which is yet another impressive desktop PC concept that is hard not to look at.

The latest Razer PC concept features a modular design that makes it dead-simple for anyone (and I mean anyone) to upgrade or customize the PC to meet your needs or desires by attaching or removing pluggable modules. Changing a module takes seconds and for what I hear, they are hot swappable, meaning that many of the modules can be replace or added while the computer is running.

What’s even more impressive is its state-of-the-art cooling system. Project Christine features modules filled with mineral oil that circulate and exchanges heat with the water that runs in the cooling system. All is possible thanks to the drip-free connectors on each module and cooling tower. This allows the desktop computer to reach high performance very silently, compare to the fan-cooled PCs.

Razer desktop PC "Christine"

Razer Project Christine doesn’t have a price or availability date as this is a concept PC. However, I am really hopeful that this beauty will ship in a near future. If you want to learn more and get notifications, visit Project Christine web page.

Source Razer via Microsoft