ReddX is the new exclusive Reddit app for Xbox One

Microsoft launches ReddX, the first Reddit app built exclusively for Xbox One and is the first app designed for the TV. With ReddX, Xbox One owners can view content from the popular social network site, up-vote and down-vote posts, as well as submit new connect. And users can even set Reddit images as background on Xbox One.

While in the app topics will display on the left and content, perfectly fitted, will open on the right, just like the Mail app in Windows 8.1. Users can enjoy many great features such as: infinity scrolling, pan and zoom images, play embedded YouTube videos and GIFs. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that the ReddX app also allows users to pause, rewind, and fast-forward animated GIFs.

Reddit users can also use voice commands to control the app using Kinect. Basically all you can do with the controller or SmartGlass users can do in ReddX.;

ReddX works for Gold and Silver Xbox Live members, it’s free, new features will be added with the course of time, and currently if limited to North America because the app is ad supported and the ad provider only serves U.S. and Canada, but Microsoft is exploring other options. Reddit users can find all the FAQs about the app here.

ReddX is available for download starting August 19 (today) in United States and Canada.

Also Microsoft has announced that users can look forward to the MTV app, which will offer bonus clips, sneak peeks and full episodes. However at first the MTV app for Xbox One will be limited to the US.

Last but not least, Twitch (recently bought by Google) is getting a refresh. The update for game video streaming service will bring a few new features such as: auto-zoom, audio capture from headsets. And a new sections will be included “watch with friends”, where users can view what channels friends are watching.

Source Microsoft, ReddX