Welcome to the redesigned Pureinfotech version 3

Welcome to Pureinfotech version 3! For some time now I’ve been investing a lot of time, sweat and love trying to create a completely new site, and the result is what you see here today. This time around I want for everyone to feel like they are reading a magazine (Metro style), and I think that the new layout and homepage do just that.

From the beginning I knew it will not be an easy project. Pureinfotech v3 is completely new, first and foremost it’s all based in HTML5, from head to toe, with a touch of JavaScript and it’s been redesigned to “responsive”, which means that the site will adapt to different screen sizes, keeping the same experience throughout devices (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). I am also working really hard to make sure that everything from text, graphics, layout, videos, and new effects all work together to deliver a unique experience on the web for every reader.

But I am not quite yet done, there are still many features and ideas I want to add. In the coming months I’ll be keeping an eye, tweaking here are there to keep improving the site, and (of course) to keep bringing you what is most important: the how-to guides, reviews, and the latest trending around Microsoft Windows.

I really hope you like the new design as much as I do, and I wish you a great 2013. Thanks!

Also I want to hear what you think about the changes, so please send me your feedback in the comments or email me at team@pureinfotech.com.