Remind visitors that is time to let go IE6 with this WordPress plugin [Extra]

WordPress Plugin - Upgrade Internet Explorer 6

Ten years have already passed and it seems that still pretty hard for a lot of people to say goodbye to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or in short IE6. Users should know that technology evolve and there is going to come the time to let go. Today we have many Web browser software alternatives that we can choose from, and we are lucky enough to have many of them doing a pretty good job on bringing the best of the Web to our computer screens.

The question now is: Do you want to encourage visitors to upgrade, offer them other Web browsers software alternatives, and at the same time help them to drop the usage of IE6 while saving many hours of work developing support for this browser? Alright, then if you are running a WordPress site you can simply install IE6 Upgrade Option, this is a plugin that will display a warning message using a Lightbox effect hovering over the page (like a pop-up) where the user lands, that in a really polite way will inform the IE6 user that the Web browser software is out of date while providing links to download other Web browser software alternatives such as, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and the latest Internet Explorer version. Oh! Don’t worry that the visitor will also have the option to continue without the need of upgrading and a JavaScript will leave a cookie to prevent the message from appearing again.

The installation of this plugin is the same as any other WordPress plugin, but if you need help visit this page.

IE6 Upgrade Option was created with the intention to remind visitors to upgrade Internet Explorer 6, but you also have the ability to configure it to display a message to almost any browser by just adjusting the FTF rating in the ie6-upgrade-option.php file from the plugin directory, and offer for example to use IE9 and Chrome at the same time.

Spread the word by tweeting, sharing on Facebook, etc. to educate users to move forward and stop the use of Internet Explorer 6!