Repurposed door makes a perfect computer desk for a workspace

repurposed used door as a computer desk featured workspace 780_wide

This week’s featured workspace comes from Flickr member Matt Koltemann, and he’s got a well-organized and unique home office focus on hiding cables as much as possible and reclaiming old wood.

For starters a repurposed door (pastel pink), a large piece of glass on top, two wooden horses and a cable organizer from IKEA make up a warm and unique DIY computer desk. On the desk you’ll find an antique soda water bottle from a market in Argentina, a large table lamp on top of a wooden drawer for small items, fishbowl — of course, with a golden fish –, and a small indoor plant.

This workspace features a computer desk made of a repurposed door 640_wide

Although I write most on Windows PC experiences, I do not turn around on good design. I think Koltemann did a great job in his workspace despite the presence of the Apple’s MacBook Pro.

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