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Speed up app launch and common tasks with Right Click Enhancer for Windows

Right Click Enhancer for Windows is a nifty little tool that enables you to add additional items (shortcuts) to the right-click context menu. So it doesn’t matter where the cursor is on the desktop, you can simply right-click and launch apps, websites, or any file and folder location you want, fast and easy.

This is a great tool that Windows 7 and even Windows 8 users will be able to take advantage of, because as you know the upcoming operating system from Microsoft will not feature the traditional Start menu, instead the new Start screen will be the replacement. One of the problems with the Start screen, or something that can be a little bit irritating, is that you may find out that it can be a little be distracting switching back and forth between Metro and the desktop environment. So it’ll be nice to be able to launch applications and perform common tasks without leaving the desktop — In a previous article you learned how to add a menu to the Taskbar to mimic the old-fashioned Start menu, but Right Click Enhancer adds a little extra.

Additional features

When you launch RCE for the first time you’ll notice two sections you can use to customize the context menu: The Productivity Tools, where you can tweak the context menu with new options like: bringing back the old Windows “Copy To Folder” and “Move To Folder” functions, and add options such as “Take Ownership”, “Search and Replace”, “Create File List”, “Print File List” among others. And you can even include new items in Computer and in the Control Panel and more.

And the second section, Edit Right Click Menu, where you can integrate numerous items to the context menu. For example, you can add new folder location shortcuts to the “Send to” menu, that way you can send files directly to the locations you frequently use, and it also allows you to edit the “New” menu, where you can add new documents templates. Additionally you can add shortcuts to the right-click context menu on Internet Explorer.

RC Enhancer user interface

To customize each menu, simply click on one of the item and choose the options to display or build your own shortcuts.

Right Click tweaker

Tip: This application is well documented, so if you find yourself stuck, just click the blue book icon to learn more about how to use the option.

Tweaks right-click

Another good feature included in RCE is that, if you don’t want to pile a lot of items in the right-click menu, you also have the option to create a sub/cascading menu from the Productivity Tools section.

Context sub menu

Quick Tip: To quickly add new items to the context menu, simply right-click, for example, a file and select Add to Right Click.

Wrapping up

Right Click Enhancer is flexible and it can help you to save many hours of work by keeping common tasks near your fingertips. Plus you can add several pre-defined actions and you can even add custom and useful tweaks.

This tool was built for Windows 7, but it also works well in Windows 8, and you can choose to either download the installer or a portable version of the software.

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