Amazon Prime gift low price

How to save on Amazon Prime before price increase

Amazon is about to increase the Prime subscription to $139, and here's how to keep the lower $119 on your account.

Amazon plans to increase its “Prime” subscription from $12.99 to $14.99 per month. If you pay annually, this means that the price will go from $119 to $139, which is an extra $20 per year.

Although we usually talk about Windows 11, 10, and other technologies here, it was hard to ignore the price hike. I like the service, but this increase is significant. So, if you use Amazon Prime, here’s a tip that might help to skip the price increase, at least for a while.

The workaround is to buy an Amazon Prime subscription as a gift card for $120 before the price increase takes effect. After purchasing the subscription, head over to your Amazon account settings and change the Prime subscription setting to stop renewing automatically. Again, you have to do this before the new pricing takes into effect (February 18, 2022).

Once you have the Prime gift card and changed the Amazon settings, you will need to wait until the subscription expires, and then, the only thing you need to do is to redeem the Amazon Prime gift card code in your account. In the end, this process will save you from the price increase for another year.

It’s been noted by CNBC that if you have a Metro by T-Mobile phone plan, you can switch to the highest plan that gives you Amazon Prime for free as long as you have the plan.

While the new prices for Prime are set to take effect on February 18, existing customers will increase after the payment on March 25.