Seiki 50-inch display: the best 4K resolution monitor under $1000

Seiki 50-inch 4K monitor

It’s incredible that just a year ago we were amazed to see the first 30-inch 4K monitors coming to the market with a price tag close to $4000, and today Seiki is offering a 50-inch 4K Ultra-HD (SE50UY04) monitor for $1000 (even less if you shop around). Not only it’s relatively cheap, but this monitor also works great with Windows 8.1, which has been optimized for 4K resolution displays.

As Gavin Gear from Microsoft mentioned in the Extreme Windows Blog, having a 50-inch 4K resolution display is like having 4 1920 x 1080 pixels monitors all at once. He actually had the chance to demo the display with a current high-end graphic card and he did notice that the only drawback was that the monitor is limited to only 30 Hz refresh rate because Multi-stream isn’t supported. And if you think elements in the screen will look small, think again, Windows 8.1 now support this type of displays and automatically make elements look the right size.

Although there isn’t much 4K (3840×2160) content out there, it’s still a good buy and even better if you work with photography, video editing, and if you’re a PC gamer — using the latest NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti GPU, you can play Battlefield 4 in 4K at 64 fps and 40 fps with settings set to high.

If the Seiki 50-inch 4K display isn’t big enough, the company is also selling a 65-inch (SE65UY04) 4K for $2999 (Amazon) or a smaller 39” (Seiki SE39UY04).

Now the question is: what would you do with such enormous display? And which Windows 8.1 apps would you run in a 50-inch 4K monitor?