Microsoft Garage’s Send app makes email feel more like instant messaging

Send is a new app that makes email conversations feel more like an instant messaging experience. It's now available for Office 365 customers using an iPhone, but broader availability and an Android and Windows Phone version are in the works.

Microsoft Send app for iPhone

Microsoft unveils a new app that will try to simplify email by reducing the time it takes to view and reply to a message using your smartphone. The new app created in the Microsoft Garage is called Send. The company says it’s designed to be for “in-and-out email” that aims to be quick and simple.

Send looks and feels much like any other good messaging app, but unlike other email clients, Send offers you a simple and quick text message experience to reach your co-workers and then you have all of your communications in Outlook for later reference.

The app is currently only available for Apple’s iPhone in the United States and Canada, but it will soon come to Android and Windows Phone.

At this moment “Send” only works with Office 365 and school email accounts to surface contact information, however the company says that the app will be available more broadly in the coming months.

This means that the app won’t work with your or Gmail account initially. It’s worth pointing out that you will not be seeing your full inbox on Send, you’ll only see the conversation you started with the app.

In addition, Send doesn’t include signatures, subject lines or salutations requires. The app was basically designed to be a companion solution for your email conversations.

Send will even show when someone is typing a reply, which is something we’re accustomed to see in other messaging apps.

Source Microsoft