How to ‘send directions’ from Google Maps on your PC to your phone

Google makes it easier to search directions on a computer and push it to your Android phone.

Google Maps

It has come to the point where we use our phones more than we use our computers, but even though smartphones have taken over our lives, no one can deny that typing with standard keyboard is the best way to get work done.

Perhaps one of the most common tasks we do with our phones, besides making phone calls, is to search for directions using Google Maps. Now, starting today Google will let you get directions using your computer and then push those directions to your phone.

How does it work? It’s pretty straightforward, all you need to do is type “Send directions” in Google search, select your location, click “Send directions to my phone”, and Google will then send the directions to your Android phone.

Google Send directions

The new search functionality seems to only be working for those located in United States, but it will not take long for the feature to become available in other countries.

This is just another feature Google is adding to search, recently the company also introduced a “find my phone” search feature to allow users to find their lost phone.

Source Google