SkyDrive app coming to Xbox One with OneGuide integration (video)

Microsoft announces SkyDrive app for Xbox One, bringing your videos and photos (and the ones your friends shared with you) to the big screen in the house — a seamless integration to the cloud –. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the SkyDrive Xbox One app is that you’ll be able to open a photo slideshow and play videos right from the OneGuide, without having to launch the app. It’ll support background music using the Xbox Music service, and you’ll be able to control SkyDrive with the controller, gestures, and voice command: “Xbox: Go to SkyDrive”, using the Kinect sensor.

Although, Xbox 360 already includes SkyDrive, the new app for Xbox One goes a lot deeper on integration and you’ll see it on the OneGuide TV listing, where you can not only access the cloud service, but you can also create custom channels, which will update automatically with photos and videos from your SkyDrive’s pictures and camera roll folder or from shared content. And Microsoft is also allowing to snap other apps while viewing photos, such as if you want do a search using Internet Explorer.

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This is just one of many apps Microsoft is preparing to release on November 22nd, when Xbox One launches — Check out the app lineup for the game console. 

Source Microsoft