Skype ‘active endpoint’ fixes longtime notifications problem

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Microsoft has released a new update to put an end to Skype notifications on all the devices you’re using the VoIP application. The popular voice and chat messaging service is adding today a new feature called “active endpoint” and it’s designed to send notifications to only the device you’re currently using.

For example, if you use Skype on multiple devices (PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphones) and you received a message while you’re using your tablet. Then Skype will only send the notification to your tablet and not to your phone or laptop.

Now when you’re not using any of your devices, then Skype will beep on every device, so you don’t missed a thing. Once you pick up a device, the notifications will stop on all other devices.

However, calls will always ring on all the devices, regardless of the device you’re currently using, so you can pick the device that is more convenient to answer a call.

Skype active endpoint feature is rolling out immediately, but users may not notice the change for a few weeks. As always make sure to keep the app updated to get the new feature as soon as it reaches to you.

Source Skype